About Norduct: Specialist Metal Ducting Fabricators

Norduct Ltd is a family owned business. We manufacture clipped together ductwork. This ductwork with the “rolled edge” is widely used in Europe and the USA.

We aim to provide only the highest quality ducting, extractor systems and metal ducting fabricators, which we can produce in our own manufacturing facility.

We currently manufacture in our Bradford workshop where our investment in state of the art CNC controlled machinery has resulted in precision manufacturing, so we are able to deliver large quantities of standard ductwork in an extremely short time.

As we own our own manufacturing facility, unlike most other extraction companies, we can provide a full service to our clients starting from design, manufacture and then final installation into the premises or business.

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Adaptable Ducting Fabricators

Before starting any ductwork installations or extraction work, we go through your requirements and have specialist engineers that can consult with you to outline the best option for your premises. As a result, if you already have a system installed, we can work around it to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your existing system. This allows you to not only save money but time spent on the installation process.

24 Hour Turnaround

We are a preferred supplier to many contractors in the contracting industry specifically for our high quality service but more so for our lightening fast 24-hour turnaround. We ensure the supply chain runs smoothly so you can provide great service to your clients in an efficient manner.

We understand high quality and speed take precedence for a contractor so we also have an option for a dedicated emergency landline number for our clients to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Collapsibility Strength

At Norduct Ltd we don’t have to rely on external ducting fabricators for our components as we have all the facilities to manufacture in-house.

For this reason we are in a great position to test all ducting and components that we produce, making sure they comply with all the latest legislations such as COSHH and ATEX.

We can test collapsibility strength and durability by a process that involves exposing our ducting to positive pressure and vacuum to make sure all ducting has the required strength for the job.

System design

Poor workshop layout can cause inefficient extraction, so we work with our clients to make sure your extractor system is designed in a way that it makes efficient use of the space and layout of your premises.

We can help at the design stage all the way to installation, being involved throughout the process can mean we can reduce any inefficiencies that can save you time and money on your project.

We have consultants on board with over 30 years of experience in both designing and manufacturing highly efficient dust extraction and fabrication systems. Whether you are dealing with a large or even a small location they can help you make the best use for your space, and ensure that your employees are safe from harmful gasses and materials.

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